Paradox: Runa


Paradox: Runa

Paradox Runa is based on the futhark, norse elder runes.

“Missing” characters has been replaced with either other “real” runes, or “new” ones have been “invented” so that the font hold all characters for the latin alphabet (A-Z + swedish Å Ä & Ö) + “Numbers” 0-9. I do not claim that this rune alphabet is totally authentic nor correct!

All upper and lower-case letters are the same except for the letter S.
“Ligatures” have been created for the th, ng and eo sounds. These are accessed by writing TH, NG and EO (in upper case letters). Space is automatically replaced by a ‘colon’ (‘:’) – if you want a “real” space, write an underscore! (open type version of the font and open type compatible layout application required).

Paradox Runa goes perfect with the font Paradox X (regular yet enigmatic hand drawn latin letters)!

Paradox: Runa | $13