Dulcet is a hand lettered, rough binding script with high ascenders & low-descenders. It is both elegant and grungy and will work wonders on your invitations or love letters, make beautiful posters, frightening t-shirt designs or logotypes.It is equipped with OpenType features such as common ligatures, double letter ligatures, contextual and stylistic alternates for a varied and hand drawn look. Access alternates by using the glyph panel in Illustrator and InDesign.

Dulcet comes with several initial & terminal swashes that can be added to the beginning and/or end of any lowercase letter as well as different swashes for the upper case letters.

For initials/beginnings, write _ (underscore) + digit 0 to 9

For terminals/endings, write digit 0 to 9 + _ (underscore)

For start swashes, – (hyphen) + digit 0 to 9.


2 fonts | $49

Regular | $33

Bold | $33